Words in the heart cannot be taken

Scrawlings of chalk

I've been drinking with skeletons
 So. I sent my film study teacher my final assignment (which was a script) via email. He replied with:

“Quality? Now, I insist you don’t sell yourself short…please!
You actually write better under pressure (and at ramming speed) than everyone who spends weeks deliberating.
And you’re actually writing to genre. It’s actually nicely dark and grim and
a little sleazy and all so readable. Like Post war Austria in ‘The Third
Man’. Every character has a shadow to hide in.”
I wrote something well? What? That never happens! 

Hopefully I'll be going to the Flutag with my dad this weekend (but considering the weather we'll probably hang out at the art gallery).
And then Paranormal Activity 2 with Lucy! :D
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The whole picture from which this comes from will never see the light of day.


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I should have voted for Saxton Hale
Pirate Flag
Then government would be fun.
Now we're going to have to put up with some overly smug woman that uses too many vowels. Dammit. 


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